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Welcome to the Media Library. This library contains numerous video and audio progams which can be streamed directly into your computer from our media server. Before using this service, we recommend that you look at our Computer Requirements page. We use some of the latest streaming-media technologies and you may need do download some free software to view the content.

Recent additions to the Library
Emotional Freedom Technique: A Practical Tool for Emotional Health
(Jul 16 2014 )
Experiencing Your Sacred Geometry
(Jul 16 2014 )
Karma and Rebirth in Buddhism
(Jul 16 2014 )
Dreams: Language of the Soul
(Jul 10 2014 )
Glory Be! Discovering Christianity's Mystical Roots
(Jul 10 2014 )
Living Theosophy: The Practice of Meditation
(Jul 10 2014 )
Masters of Wisdom: The Mahatmas, Their Letters, and The Path
(Jul 10 2014 )
The Reach of Happiness
(Jul 10 2014 )
The Theosophical Society in America: An Illustrated History
(Jul 10 2014 )
The Root of Pain and Source of Healing
(Feb 8 2014 )
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